Joe Lee
Longtime musician produces Cd with swing and the blues
By Mike Overall
This article originally appeared in the Jonesboro Sun
Reprinted with permission

Longtime Jonesboro bandleader and musician Joe Lee, who for many years operated a recording studio on East Monroe in downtown Jonesboro, has rleased a new CD that puts the emphasis on swing music and the blues. "joe Lee Swings On" on the Alley Records label, features Lee along with some of the finest musicians in Jonesboro, Northeast Arkasnas and Memphis. The CD contains 15 selections, among them bluesman Willie Dixon's "Seventh Son," Jazz legend Miles DAvis' "Four," the familiar "Route 66" theme, the standard "September in the Rain," and several others.

The Mississippi born Lee, who earlier released a CD collection of more pop and blues oriented music from his Alley Record years said he is particularly proud of the current CD because it is representative of his lifelong interest in Mississippi Delta blues and the enormous impact it has had on American swing music and jazz.

"I've had the good fortune to work with some excellent musicians thorugh the years," Lee said, "The players on my new CD are topnotch professionals who have years of experience in the music business."

Musicians featured on "Joe Lee Swings On" include Jonesboro resident Joy Sanford on keyboards, John Long of Walnut Ridge on drums, former Jonesboro resident Ben Brogdon on bass, Ronnie Coletta of Memphis on guitar and Mike overall of Jonesboro on drums. Lee wrote several of the selections and performs on tenor saxophone, piano, and flute.

"The musicians on this recording have perofrmed with a variety of big-name artist thorugh the years." Lee said, among them Dizzy Gillespie, drummer Louis Bellson, the late jazz vocalist Mel Torme, pianist Dave McKenna, several Nashville and Broadway artists and many more.

A group led by Lee will feature music from the CD at a reunion tonight at the Jonesboro High School Classes of 1948 and 1949. The event will be held at the Holiday Inn on South Caraway.

Additional information regarding the CD may be obtained by calling toll-free 888-858-5539 or on the web at

The CD was produced by Joe Lee and Jonesboro blues musician and promoter Larry Heyl.

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