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ASU Farmers Market - August 6, 2011


Hairy Larry

The ASU Farmers Market is a great place to get home grown tomatoes. In fact you can buy all kinds of food and craft items direct from the producers.

It's also a great place for live music. They try to have some kind of music, theater, or class every Saturday morning. And it's a great place to play with a nice shaded deck and really nice people.

On August 6 Hairy Larry and George played the Farmers Market. Also featured were special guests, The Reverend Rick Bowen and Cheryl Culp from Culp's Honey Farm, a regular vendor at the Farmers Market. We did some Sonny Boy and some Dylan and we even sang "Tupelo Honey" by Van Morrison.

ASU Farmers Market Website

Photos by Robin Gasaway.




Cheryl Culp


Rick, George, and Hairy Larry


Reverend Rick Bowen


Hairy Larry and Cheryl Culp


Cheryl Culp


Rick, George, and Larry getting it


72-Hairy Larry on harp - Please use this button to link to this page

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