Blues Fest 2001 --- September 2 Highlights,
Craighead Forest Park --- Jonesboro Arkansas

Big Creek Band and Dewey Montgomery

Dennis Mathes

Sonny Ackerman

George Hinds

Dave Pearson

The Big Creek Band always brings high energy to the stage as well as an incredible parade of guest musisicans. Band leader Dennis Mathes (pedal steel, guitar, harmonica, vocals, what doesn't he play) has put together a dynamite country band that delivers both orignal and great cover tunes.

Lead guitarist Sonny Ackerman delivers the goods while being backed by the rock solid bass work of George Hinds. Vocalist and guitarist Dave Pearson delivers smooth vocals and he knows every old country song you ever loved.

Rounding out the band is drummer Mark Hill who slaps out a rhythm to match George Hind's bass work.

Big Creek Band plays regularly around the Northeast Arkansas Area.

Mark Hill

Some of the many guest performers during the first Sunday of Blues Fest. Bill Gates and son Shannon performed with the Big Creek Band. Bill presented some traditional country and Shannon brought contemporary country music to the stage.

Bill Gage

Shannon Gage

Ken Yarborough

Ken Yarborough stepped up to the mic and wowed the crowd with a couple of numbers.

Dewey Montgomery

Singer/songwriter Dewey Montgomery performing a few with the Big Creek Band.

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