Delta Boogie

The Bowling Poets

Manda "Les" James

Some people know me as "Every Horde member's
Girlfriend...but not really". But that 
probably makes no sense to you. I write poetry so I'll
have something to do with all of 
those extra words floating around in my head. I am
alwayslooking for a new experience. 
If you hear of one...let me know. That's where it's at

  • The Bowling Poets

  • Fakir

    I breathe you in
    take you in like crysanthemums in October
    I molest you
    with the fingers of my gaze
    You mock me
    say my make-up's fading
    You make me livid
    yet insatiable
    I ruin you
    with my hidden hope and
    I overcome you 
    with my forked-tongued kiss.
           Les. 12-22-95  6:20 PM

  • The Bowling Poets

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