The Bowling Poets

uldis heyl

Uldis is a songwriter and a poet[which go hand in hand if
you ask him].
He is also an artist if you catch him in the mood. 

  • The Bowling Poets

  • where is Blues Alley?

    Where is Blues Alley? 
    copyright 1997 by Uldis Heyl 
    Oh,Blues Alley, Blues Alley,
    where are you?
    I`ve searched all over Craighead
    with much ado.
    Bono ,and Dixie, Monette,
    and Lake City.
    I've seen everything there,
    and it's not lookin' pretty.
    From Egypt to Dryden, and
    Three Way to Herman.
    Where is this little musical vermin?
    Old town Nettleton on Nettleton
    is where it's located.
    My poem is done I am now satiated.

  • The Bowling Poets

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