The Bowling Poets

Bob Whitlow

October 10, 1977, a legend is born in Paragould, AR.  His
name is Bob Whitlow.
Little did he realize, he would go on to play the Blues
Alley and have a little cult
following in the Northeast Arkansas area.  He is known as
the Black Rock stud, 
country outlaw, and the Arkoma flash.  He is also known toget drunk and tell everyone 
he's Waylon Earle

  • The Bowling Poets

  • Ode to Brandy

    Ode to Brandy
    a girl, a drink.  Warmer than
    the sun, sweeter than strawberry wine.
    Her mercy is so divine.
    a girl, finer than aged
    white lightning.  I'm in love,
    and I can't stop after one jar.
    I'm drunk after one look at her smiling
    She takes me far beyond the skies,
          only in my dreams.  I guess I'll
          never wake up.
    Brandy, a drink,
    smooth and divine.
    I'm a prisoner of her love by
    my own might.
    Save me a sinner, save me
    a drunk. Save me a winner, and
    save me a piece of junk.
    Answer my prayer, tried and true,
    If I die tomorrow, I want to say
    "Brandy, I love you."

  • The Bowling Poets

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