From the funky Chicago Horns to yodeling guitar boogies, this disc delivers a knock-out punch of diversity and downright delicious flavors of the blues, Chicago style. Big Jack is a well-loved and very talented man who shoots straight from the hip, regardless of whether he is making you smile or getting heavy about stuff he believes in. Honesty and sincerity are good words to describe the aura surrounding this disc, recorded in 1989.

Since the sixties, Jack has been involved in some major blues landmarks. Playing with Frank Frost and the Jelly Roll Kings on their first album, and again later in 1979, Jack did his first solo album in 1987,on Earwig -THE OIL MAN” which got great reviews. “Goin’ Back To Mississippi” and “Mr. U.S. A.I.D.S.” feature a reunion with Sam Carr and Frank Frost, along with John Primer and the Chicago Horns – Elmer Brown, Hank Ford, and Bill McFarland.

Aron Burton, Larry Burton, Vince Willis, and Earl Howell round out the session players, who more than rise to the occasion and really gel together for some seriously contagious blues.
This release got Big Jack Johnson back on everyone’s mind. Johnson plays from the heart of the Delta delivering soulful blues and sending his message to the world about the problems that confront us today.
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