Photos From Depot Days at Newport Arkansas
The Nightlife Band - The Blues Heavyweights
The Bel Airs - Sonny Burgess - Billy Lee Riley

All Photos by
Larry and Vivian Heyl

The Nightlife Band

Bruce Page and Grady Broadaway
The Blues Heavyweights

Nightlife Band Lead Guitarist

Bill Little
The Blues Heavyweights

Billy Lee and The Bel Airs' David Pruitt

Sonny Burgess on stage

The Bel Airs backed both Sonny Burgess and Billy Lee Riley at Depot Days. Their own set gave us a good idea of just how versitile these three guys are. They tour the country on a regular basis. Be sure to catch them when they come to your neck of the woods.

Both Sonny and Billy Lee have new CD's out. Billy Lee has "Shade Tree Blues" and Sonny has "". These CDs are available from the artists as well as from major vendors.

Sonny with David

Billy Lee Riley with the Bel Airs
David Pruitt on lead guitar, Dick Pruitt on bass,
and drummer Michael Cherry.

Newport's Depot Days
Bruce Page and The Blues Heavyweights
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