Dwarvo-Riders of Dalamar

Riders of Dalamar

by Carl Heyl

Chapter1:Dreadful Things

Dwarvo was sitting at home enjoying the smoke rings coming from his mouth as he puffed on his pipe, that is as much as he could. It was winter and the air was unusually cold. The stream that separated Dwarvo's little town from the outside world froze over and wolves came into the village. Since the water had frozen over nothing stopped them from taking the small town. So why could dwarvo enjoy his pipe so much, because he was a hobbit and every hobbit can see the silver lining in any cloud, no matter how grey. He knew the wolves couldn't get into his hobbit hole and though he loved company a little privacy was nice and no one would come visit in these conditions. It gave him time to read he had already read his favorite book "There and Back Again, a Hobbits Holiday" three times. This doesn't mean he liked the wolves any more or the cold, sitting there in his rocking chair wrapped up in a blanket he mumbled to himself, "These wolves, dreadful things, why can't they just leave, they already got four villagers."

Even now he heard the howls of the vicious wolves. He no longer felt privacy but loneliness. He was very scared, they were close, he also heard the wild neighing of a horse, someone was out there. Without a thought in his head but to save that poor person he grabbed the dagger he bought a few years back and ran out the front door. Though he was scared he could not let anybody get hurt, not when he could help. Dwarvo was amazed how cold it was. When he was outside he realized there were a lot more wolves then a few days ago. He saw ten wolves around one horse. The rider was a human male with shiny armor on and a sword drawn. One of the wolves turned and looked at Dwarvo while another wolf jumped at the rider and knocked him off his horse. The horse ran off in the darkness of night neighing even more then before. The wolf stared at Dwarvo, it's green eyes gleaming like hot coals, those eyes put a sense of danger and dread in Dwarvo that he could not explain at the moment. It's breath was heating up the cold night snarling at Dwarvo. It showed it's dingy yellow teeth, then it leaped at Dwarvo. Dwarvo had one arm in front of his face, to terrified to look, with the other hand he plunged out the dagger in front of him as he screamed in horror. The dagger connected and the impact knocked dwarvo over on his back. He pushed the wolf off his dagger with effort and got up to his feet then the surprise almost knocked him over. He saw all the villagers coming out of their homes with blacksmith's hammers, rolling pins, fire pokers, and other household items running the wolves out of their village. Dwarvo decided to do his part and he chased after some wolves. When one turned and attacked Dwarvo thrusted and missed but it scared the wolf enough that it ran away. Then to his uttermost surprise Dwarvos sword flew out of his hand and after the wolves. He was weaponless. He ran after his sword yelling, "Come back come back". When he finally caught it all of the wolves were run off. The rider came up to him.

"Are you some kind of sorcerer?" he said.

"No, no me, what would make you think that?" Dwarvo replied smiling.

"You have a flying sword."

"I simply bought it from a merchant, I didn't know it flew!"

"Tell me about this merchant."

"He was a traveling merchant went by the name of Reginald, he sold me the dagger for 5 gold pieces and since burglaries were up at that time I decided to get it just in case. The merchant was human, short, though tall for me and he was stout-"

"-He was fat!" said a hobbit from the crowd.

"You saw him too?" the rider quickly replied.

"How could I not, he was as big as a house! I'm Hubert Tumbleweed I own the local inn feel free to stay there as long as you're in our town."

"That reminds me, what's your name?" said Dwarvo to the rider.

"I'm Bran the Rider of Dalamar."

"I'm Dwarvo. Stay at my hobbit hole I'm sure you'll find it much more comfortable."

"I surely doubt that!" said Hubert.

"I think I'll stay with Dwarvo." Bran quickly interjected.

"You'd stay with a witch instead of at a civilized inn you fool?" said Hubert. But Bran and Dwarvo were already going to Dwarvo's hobbit hole. Bran whistled and his hoarse joined them, "How did you do that?" said dwarvo with wonder in his eyes.

"He's been trained." They reached Dwarvo's hobbit hole and Bran tied his horse to a tree, "You did pretty good against those wolves" said bran

"You did good too, for a too tall".

- end of chapter 1, Riders of Dalamar copyright, Carl Heyl, 1996