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Open Wide
The SunFlower River Blues Festival
An Internet Experience
Two Countries Who Love The Blues

Open Wide Staff

Openwide is a project sponsored by Keio University. It's focus is to provide interaction between artists throughout the world across the internet. The first such interaction focused on the Blues. Blues in the Mississippi Delta and Blues in Japan were tossed into the melting pot of a NetMeeting on August 13, 14, and 15, 1999 in Clarksdale, Mississipp and Tokyo Japan.

The Open Wide staff consisted of five students and their director, Gretchen Schoel. She brought the students to Clarksdale, Mississippi to experience three days of the Blues, American southern culture, and to setup an internet exchange between the Sunflower River Blues Festival and Blues Musicians and Fans in Tokyo, Japan.

NetMeeting Computer screen shots from Open Wide and the Bright Brown Blues Bar in Tokyo, Japan. Shown in the left screen shot is Gretchen Schoel director of Open Wide in lower right hand corner and a musician in Tokyo. Another screen shot from the Netmeeting on the right. This time in the lower right corner is Hairy Larry talking to a group of musicians. They also performed for each other. This was a great Blues exchange event.

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