Junior's Juke Joint

Junior's Juke Joint

"Welcome to Junior's Juke Joint! Like any good Delta juke joint, you won't find anything fancy. But you will find some fine folks and some great music."

If you ever wanted to travel the Delta and visit those authentic juke joints that are the legends of the blues you can do it with Junior Doughty. Go with him as he travels the lesser known roads of the blues and takes you into the places you've only heard about in the songs.

Junior Doughty is a cultural anthropologist who spends his time researching the Delta's juke joints. The juke joints are the places where the blues continue to grow and evolve. Junior travels the Delta in his bluesmobile and takes us on visits to the places where blues are still being made. These places aren't in the tour guides or on the Chamber of Commerce lists. His site includes maps to some of these places along with pictures and well written naratives about his exploits.

Junior also likes to visit the authentic "southern cooking" restuarants. The following was exerted from his site at Geocities.

"Did you say you're thinking about taking a trip through the Delta and you don't want to eat where the folks at the chamber of commerce eat? Well, stay tuned to Junior's Juke Joint. I'll tell you about places to eat where the peas started the day on the vine and the pie started the day as peaches."

Want to visit the blues men and women; Junior will take you along.

"In September, l head to Greenville, Mississippi, for the 20th Annual Delta Blues Festival. It only lasts one day, but I'll hang around for a couple of weeks of juke joint visiting. I've also got to spend some time beneath old bluesman T-Model Ford's shade tree while he sips moonshine whiskey and tells stories. With a little luck his wife, Stella, might fire up the grill on some chicken and ribs. We'll pop the tops on some 16 oz Pabst Blue Ribbons and have a genuine blues blast. You can read all about it at Junior's Juke Joint."

Visit Junior at Junior's Juke Joint.