Kevin Vs. Pyros - Chapter 2

Kevin Vs. Pyros - Chapter 2
Fiction by Carl Heyl
Artwork by Carl Heyl


It's so hot thought Kevin, the flames are burning me. Pyros' hands were around Kevin's neck strangling him. Kevin brought up his knee between Pyros' legs. Pyros backed off. "OOOOF!" Pyros looked up. "You're gonna die for that boy.", he squeaked. Kevin shook his head and ran to a less populated place, the stables.

When he got there he saw a strong stallion drinking at a deep watering trough. He grabbed a rope from a stable and looked back. He had gained a suprising lead on Pyros while he was recovering. He tied the rope around the stallion. "You don't mind, do you, boy", he said. The horse continued drinking. He made the other end of the rope into a lasso. "I hope this works", Kevin said to himself. He pulled out a knife from his boot in case it didn't. He saw Pyros running up "Hiding boy? Afraid!"

Without a word Kevin threw the lasso around Pyros and slapped the stallion on the rump. The stallion ran and dragged Pyros far enough to fall into the trough. Kevin cut the rope with his knife so Pyros wouldn't be pulled out. Kevin walked up to the trough and saw steam rising from it. So much he couldn't see Pyros any more. Out of the water and the steam came a hand that wrapped around kevins throat. "Well at least it's not on fire." thought Kevin.

to be continued...

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