Kevin Vs. Pyros - Chapter 2

Kevin Vs. Pyros - Chapter 3
Fiction by Carl Heyl
Artwork by Carl Heyl

Ok, the water put out the flames so if I can keep him in the water he will probably not catch fire again Kevin thought to himself. Pyros had his hands around Kevin's neck making it hard to breath and he had to do somthing about that. He raised his knife and brought it down at the joining of the torso and shoulder sinking it into Pyros' flesh. The barbarian immediately let out a scream and released the seventeen year old not caring about him at the moment. Kevin backed up and looked franticly for something better to fight with than the knife something where he would not have to get so close to the barbarian. He saw a rake in the corner of the stables, went for it, but it was too little too late as he was jumped from behind by Pyros.

"You're gonna die you little..." Kevin brought his fist down on the wound made by the knife finishing Pyros' sentence with a howl of pain. He then scurried away form the barbarian and grabbed the rake he turned around to see that Pyros had cought fire again then he brought the rake down on the barbarian's head hearing a snap as Pyros fell to the ground. the barbarian's body went limp and the fight was over, Pyros had died.

He headed back to the town square after giving Pyros a proper burial. Kevin had never killed a man before. He wished he had found another way for many reasons. Aside from the obvious ones the most fearful reason was that Pyros led a gang of bandits and thieves. Evil cutthroats that would slit Kevin's throat at any chance they got. Now that he had killed Pyros as if upon signal he was hit in the back of the neck and dragged down an alley in a daze five men stood around him looking down at him "You mean this guy killed Pyros, I don't believe it" said one of the men. "Believe it Craven, only one of them would come back alive and as you see...he's alive" said one of the men in response "Are we gonna kill 'im or not" said an impatient man holding a club "NO," Kevin heard a female's voice he looked and saw a beutiful woman dressed in leather armor "He suffers before he dies" the woman said with an evil smile then she leaned down next to Kevin "That's right Kevin, you kill Pyros I take revenge. I'm not gonna kill you, not yet, first I let you see your sister die." Kevin felt a blind rage overcome him as he raised a hand at the girl and her men he saw his hand was burning...on fire...he had inhereted Pyros' curse.

to be continued...

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