Matt Lucas Scandinavian Rock and Blues Show

Matt Lucas Tells About The 10th Annual
Scandinavian Rock and Blues Show In
Gothenburg, Sweden

Leaving On A Jet Plane

What a Blast! After a two hour flight from Jacksonville Florida to Chicago, we got on a SAS 767 non-stop to Stockholm. We left Chicago at 5:30 in the evening flying over Saute St. Marie, Mich, Timmins, Ontario, Goosebay Labrador , Greenland, Iceland, Scotland then on to Stockholm. We were real excited at midnight on the plane looking at the mid-night sun! I thought of the June Christy Song. We went through customs and got on a flight to Gotenberg where we were met by Claes Olofsson of Americian Music Mag.

We hopped in his Volvo and he drove us to Varberg, a lovely resort town on the coast complete with spa, nude beaches and lots of history.

Photo from the Hallands Nyheter
Inger-Lena and Claes Olofsson back
Matt and Barbara front

Matt and Claes

Publicity For The Show

We had a ball because everyone gave us the Liz Taylor, Richard Burton treatment. After a couple days of talking about the history of rock & roll and those nice Swedes showing us around everywhere, we left for the back woods to rehearse with a fantastic band called the Easy Doors.

Matt and Bo Berglind
Bo is the editor of American Music Magazine

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