Stan Lee Website Spider-Man

Carl Heyl Review

The First thing you will notice about is that it takes a lot to get it running, the requirements are a version 4.0 browser, Flash 4 player, and shockwave. The second thing you will notice is that that's almost the only thing you can complain about in the entire site.

The site itself is very colorful and gives you the basic feeling of being inside a cartoon with sliding panels and information bars that pop up from nowhere, this is a good feel for the overall site.

The site's contents are good, with games and movies which all run through shock wave. You have to load these things before playing or viewing them. The movie has somewhat of a long load time; but it gives you a simple but fun point and click game to play while waiting. Even though the movie is fully loaded expect to have some lag time while viewing. Unless you have a very fast internet connection.

Then there is the comics compiler. This is the best part of the site in my opinion. Start with the first page and add as many as you like. A comic begins with a blank screen onto which you can put backgrounds, characters, objects, and effects. Then add text to the scene you just created. You get the feel of making a comic book one page at a time.

The only real problem I found was when I accidentally pressed the wrong keys in the text editor and operated a brower function. I was thrown out of my story and all my data was lost. (I said almost the only thing you can complain about.) On the upside you can save your story and load it to the plug in at another time. I was impressed with this as I did not know Shockwave was capable of that.

The rest of the site is pretty standard with more games, downloads, a coming soon section, and an opertunity to join the Stan Lee Fan Club. I would definatly say this site is worth the download time.