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Youth Reperatory
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The Foundation of Arts Youth Reperatory Theatre Company is comprised of students, grades 2-12 from the after school drama program. The students have been hard at work this semester preparing for the spring shows.

On Saturday, May 16, the Tuesday 7-12 grade class will tour an adapted prodcution of the children's play The Everyday Adventures of Harriet Handleman-Super Genius. They will perform the play at Hastings Books and Video and at the Jonesboro-Craighead County Public Libraray.

On Monday, May 18th, the Monday 2nd and 3rd grade class will present The Pied Piper of Hamelin at 5:30pm.

Tuday, May 19th, the Tuesday 4-6th grade Beginning class will present Once Upon A Time, followed by a prodcution of Harriet Handleman at 7:00pm. The 4th through 6th grade Advanced class will present Eyefellgloffenhootenannymerryberrychrunch on Thursday, May 21st at 5:30pm The Monday 7-12th grade class will present the final production of the year, the non musical version of Les Miserables. performances for Les Mis will be on Friday and Saturday, May 22 and 23 at 7:30pm each evening. All of the performances will take place at The Forum. The youth reperatory Theatre Company is under the direction of Mark Landon Smith.

The Youth Repertory Theatre Company
Spring Productions
The Forum
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Jonesboro, Arkansas