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Adobe Acrobat Reviewed

Jug president, Larry Heyl, gives his views on the PDF format that has become a web standard. His example file is "That New Song".

For more information about the JUG, the Hardware SIG, or the Nerd SIG call Larry at 933-7070.

JUG Wired

The JUG had one of the earliest bulletin board systems in Northeast Arkansas and joined FIDO Net early in the history of echo mail and netmail. Email and the web no prob. So all of you JUG Heads out there send us some info on what's happening in your computer. Update the JUG by sending email to Vivian Heyl.

JUG projects pending include putting the BBS back online running FreeBSD Apache and serving web pages over dial up and a Web Developers SIG to look at website automation, server side databases, and web development tools. If you are interested in these projects or have ideas for others let us know.

The JUG News

The JUG News has been online for over a year now. We hope that the Delta Boogie address will make it easier to find us. Articles, reviews, and other computer related info and humor can be submitted for publication in the news by emailing it to the above address. For longer articles please file attach an ASCII text file.


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Blues Fest, September 28, 2008
Delta Musicians - Brandy McGee
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