Descent is a cross between Doom and a Flight Simulator. It has the same 3d feel as Doom, but with multiple floors on a level, and you can pull up, down, roll, and all the other manuvers expected from a flight sim. It also offers over 10 weapons in the shareware version alone, and at least 7 kinds of enemies (Yes I admit it, I, the master of all games still haven't beat Descent and all of its terrors!). Descent also gives you the feature to record your own demos, and capture screen shots while playing the game!

A Screen shot useing Descent's capture feature.

Descent is a shareware game, and can be downloaded from most Bulletin Board Sytems, and from the Internet. Descent is made by Interplay and Parallax Software, and the full version costs $40.00.

submitted by Kier Heyl