Mega Zeux is one of the best game developing systems. With it you can create just about any type of game, from 3D, to overhead view, to side scrolling, to just about as far as your imagination will take you. Mega Zeux only uses Ansi blocks, but don't be discouraged by that, because it includes a graphics editor. You can make your own Ansi blocks and put several blocks together to make a larger picture. It also comes with two sample games. One shows you all the preprogrammed objects, and some programmed objects. The other is a real game, using most of the features available. Now, don't be discouraged, once you've beaten the game, you can use those features in just about any way to program objects that will walk, talk, shoot, die, end the game, just about any thing you can think of. Last but not least, if you've ever played ZZT, this game was based off of it, and most of the program commands are the same, but there are many, many more. So if you like ZZT get this game! If you don't like ZZT, go ahead and give this a shot. It's much better. And if you've never heard of ZZT, get this game... and you might want to get ZZT too!

submitted by Kier Heyl