Megan's Favorite Shareware Games


My favorite game is Rock. It's fun and real easy for little kids like me. It can be harder. At the end there's a Master (a real big guy) and he can jump and throw knives. You can be a girl or a guy and you're a little guy.

Jazz Jackrabbit

I like the game because at the start it's only turtles and bees. The next level is the same thing, two levels are the same. I like the game because if you don't want to play level 3 there is another level 3 and you become a birdie, not a rabbit.

Jet Pack

I like Jet Pack because you can make your own levels or you can play their levels. Their levels are hard because they have monsters in and you can't kill the monsters. You can make your levels easy for you to play or you can make hard levels for your friends or brothers to play. You have to get all the green emeralds before you can open the door and win. You can put spikes in your level. You have to jump over the spikes. You have jet packs to fly. There's these little ball things and you can fly up to get them. If you get them the monsters will hold still for a while.

submitted by Megan Heyl, age 5