Woodstock and MTV Unplugged

Reviewed by Uldis Heyl

MTV Unplugged

MTV Unplugged is O.K. On the good side the program was easy to install and I liked the graphics and video segments. On the other hand, the help was not very helpful and there were system lock-ups. It was very frustrating to find that there was not one complete song in the program.

Woodstock/Time-Warner Brothers

This is a neat program. I had some fun with it, although it had shut down problems similar to MTV Unplugged. The game on Woodstock is funny. I like the comments from the tour guide. Blazing Trails - all I could make it do was print little flowers on the screen. I do not know if it was bad programming, laziness, or possibly my lack of comprehension. Regardless, they could have been a little more creative with this and given something to the phenomena of Woodstock instead of taking away from it.