Delta Pickin's

Lonnie Pitchford - ALL AROUND MAN - Rooster R2629

Here was a man that had all of the right qualities to entice you into his deep delta soul. With a voice and guitar style that reflected his influences, Robert Johnson and Elmore James, Lonnie Pitchford was true to his roots and proud of them. So many of his songs remind you of R.J. and Elmore James that you can tell that he held a deep respect for his heritage and yet of course Lonnie had his own style too. Dedicated to the blues that got him where he was, he made quite a powerful statement in his own compositions while covering only the best of the older songs.

There is one previously unreleased recording here that according to Lonnie's friend and producer Jim O'Neal, Lonnie's mother-in-law had given him from Elmore James, one of her old friends.

Lonnie Pitchford sung and played acoustic & electric guitars, his own invention called the "diddley bow", piano, bass and claves and Terry Williams is on bass and Norman Clark, drums. Producers Lonnie Pitchford, Patty Johnson and Jim O'Neal turned out what was to be Lonnie's only full length CD and an excellent release of music from a superb performer. Lonnie, who passed away 11/8/98 at the age of 43 also wrote the liner notes to this release.

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