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Super Chikan - BLUES COME HOME TO ROOST - Rooster Blues R2634

James "Super Chikan" Johnson, as the notes to his CD claim, was hatched 2-16-51 in Darling, Mississippi and from chasin' chickens to chicken-pickin' on his one string bailing wire guitar, he certainly was no bad egg. Being Big Jack Johnson's nephew, "Chikan" started playing bass with his uncle at first, then he quickly went on to play guitar and bass with Frank Frost and Sam Carr, Jackie Brenston, J. C. Holmes, and Andrew "Shine" Turner, in juke joints around the area. Many bluesmen have not had the background that "Super Chikan" had and it definately contributed to his excellent music and lyrics and attitude.

Super Chikan started his recording career by using a home-made overdubbing cassette system with which he sang and played demos of 30 songs he wrote while driving a truck for a living. At last, he took them to Stackhouse Recording Studio in Clarksdale, Mississippi, where with the help of L. C. Luckett and Johnny Rawls, he recorded this swingin', shufflin' record of personal blues experiences. Also, as co-producer, along with Patty Johnson and Jim O'Neal, Chikan got just the right sound for him to cackle over! The fun everyone has still leaves room for some killer playing and singing and great tight arrangements that will have you laughing and tappin' your toes to some cool delta philosophy.

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