Delta Pickin's


You have all heard Buddy's Grammy winning discs, so here is a little gem recorded in 1969 originally on Blue Thumb BTS 20, you've got to have. The "juniors" in the title are Junior Wells on harp and Junior Mance on piano. The real suprise is Buddy on acoustic guitar! This is an intimate and spontaneous set that sounds as if you are in the studio with the performers. And in 1969 that was quite a feat for a small label. I just depended on the quality of the studio and the producer's abilities. Luckily, we have a great document of this event which since it was mostly live in the studio should almost have had an audience larger than just the studio folks in attendance.

Side one of the original lp was a completely improvised recording done in one take, without edits, after the trio had gotten comfortable with the session by running through some blues standards that make up side two. This is a very important album, for 1969, as it is one of the original "unplugged" blues records and at the time, Buddy considered it his favorite. I can hear why. You will too.

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