Delta Pickins Reviews Carey Bell - DEEP DOWN

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Carey Bell - DEEP DOWN - Alligator 4828

Carey Bell has come a long way since his days with Muddy Waters and he still has the same thing that made me love him then and now. That is his Little Walter inspired style of blowing harp, mixed with his funky grooves and coolness. Although Carey has a bit more restrained style than a lot of the harp players out there today, he has a lot of power and every note he plays counts. That's a main ingredient for a legend like him to cook with. He has such an emotional voice and tone on his harp that when you listen to the songs on this disc, you cannot take it out of your player.

Carey's compositions here will keep you entertained for years as will any of his earlier work. And he does not hold back on this release as "Low Down And Dirty" proves. That is a number that packs a punch and all the tracks on this CD represent the best of Carey's output in years. Bruce Iglauer of Alligator Records really scored big when he signed Mr. Bell to his label.

Helping to back Carey up on this release is Carl Weathersby and Lurrie Bell (Carey's son) on guitar, Lucky Peterson on piano, Ray "Killer" Allison on drums, and Johnny B. Gayden on bass. There is no room for improvement on this disc, and you will carry these tunes around with you for days after just one listen. Not that shabby for an ex-bassist.

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