Delta Pickins Reviews Luther Allison - HAND ME DOWN MY MOONSHINE

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Luther Allison - HAND ME DOWN MY MOONSHINE - RUF 61413

Luther Allison was America's best kept secret for far too many years while living in Paris, where he was appreciated by European audiences before he made his remarkable return home to claim his title of the best of the bluesmen. Recorded in `92 in Paris, this is a real treat!

He left us a great amount of recordings to prove his talents, but this one is the most unusual because it is all done on acoustic guitars and recorded in his living room on a dat tape machine, allowing him to sing and play from his heart and soul without the strain of the studio.

The best of both worlds of this legendary bluesman's style and feel are captured on this `92 release. He gets to stretch out and show us just what we were all missing for so long. Comprised of the most emotional and intimate acoustic blues I've heard come from anyone, ever, there is a real down-home sound that reflects the past while staring steadily to the future.

Accompanied by his son, Bernard on some blistering cuts on slide and his French band on the whole set, produced by Luther, and Executive producer, Rocky Brown, this is a seriously great addition to any true collector's treasure trove.

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