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Billy Lee Riley - HOT DAMN! - Capricorn 534 765

On this disc, Billy Lee Riley plays some of the best country blues to be heard this side of the Mississippi. On the strength of this release, Billy Lee has finally been recognised for the talent that he is. The national media has picked up on his popularity and "Hot Damn!" has also been added to the nomination ballot for a Grammy! You can read interviews with Billy Lee in the January issue of People magazine and also in the December 8th issue of Newsweek. He was just the star of a live broadcast from the Nashville club Zanny's and was on the popular television show, Nashville Alive.

Born in 1933 in Pocahontas, Arkansas, Billy Lee Riley grew up picking cotton and absorbing the real blues around Forrest City's juke joints. This experience prepared Mr. Riley for what was to come, which was to play with all the great rockabilly artists on the Sun label and to record the hits "Flying Saucers Rock `n' Roll" and "Red Hot" under his own name. He then formed the Rita label with Roland James of Sun fame, and went on to produce and play with Herb Alpert and Johnny Rivers.

On this disc, he plays some of the best country blues to be heard in quite a while. He also pays homage to his mentor Jericho "Lightnin' Leon" Carter, a singer and harp player who had a big influence on Billy Lee at a young age. This music comes straight from the heart and you will feel like you are magically transported to the back porch of an Arkansas farm kickin' back and relaxin'.

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