Delta Pickins Reviews Earl Gaines - I BELIEVE IN YOUR LOVE

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Earl Gaines - I BELIEVE IN YOUR LOVE - AP 119

Earl Gaines grew up in Decatur, Alabama where he began singing in the Church choir, as many blues singers do. In 1951, he was lured to Nashville and the blues scene that he heard on the radio station WLAC. When he got there, he realised that there were also many independent record labels and night clubs that specialized in the blues. He was soon the featured vocalist for Louis Brooks & the Hightoppers and became a recording session leader and arranger for Excello Records among others.

Earl's first record for Excello came out in 1955 and was a hit right away. "It's Love Baby" (24 Hours A Day) reached # 1 in the R&B charts and sold over a million copies. Now it is a blues standard. But, as Earl went on to record many hit records, the blues scene in the `70's was dwindling in Nashville. WLAC stopped playing the blues and many of the indie labels went out of business. This caused Earl to move to California and record for Deluxe/King, Sound Stage 7, Hollywood and Hanna Barbera records.

Eventually, Earl wound up driving a Big Rig across the nation for a living. He did so for many years until he was introduced to Fred James. Fred is a legendary guitarist/ producer and he does both on this release.

Singing with the feeling that made him popular in the `50's, Earl has released a powerful CD that should be enjoyed by you all. The vocals on this disc are reminisent of his earlier recordings, and Fred James has gotten the horns and rhythm secton to bring it into the `90's. A must have!