Hairy Larry on Leon McEntire

Delta Pickin's Leon McEntire By Hairy Larry

Leon McEntire

I first met Leon McEntire when I was in the ASU Music Program. ASU has two Jazz Bands. He was the guitarist with the Tribe and I was guitarist with the Lab Band. Jazz guitar was new to me. Leon was very helpful and we soon became friends. Leon is one of the most versatile guitarists in the area and I was pleased when Leon and Perry Osborne helped me out on our "Love Stuff" CD.

Leon has always worked music related jobs. At the Muzic Complex he was guitar instructor and every musician's friend. At Hot Dog he was glad to help the customers find just the right CD. And now here at Delta Boogie he can help us all find the right CD.

Leon is a life long collector and a serious listener. Shown above with just a small part of his personal collection Leon is knowledgeable about all types of music. I am sure you will enjoy his reviews and we will all gain from his insights. We are proud to have him contributing to Delta Boogie.

Hairy Larry