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Percy Mayfield - LIVE - Winner 445

Having been the star of the amazing Handy award winning documentary video -"Percy Mayfield - Poet Laureate Of The Blues", a "Blue Monday Party" television special, and several live radio concerts, Mark Naftalin produced this excellent document of beautiful, Percy Mayfield originals that will not leave your CD player for quite a while. This smooth, embracing blues with a definate jazz feel and atmosphere was captured from six different live radio broadcasts from San Francisco via Mark Naftalin's weekly blues show: "Blue Monday Party" spanning from 7-1-81 to 8-8-83.

This disc is a memorial to Percy and "this is the man as he really was", Tina (Mrs. Percy) Mayfield is quoted as saying. Percy's philosophy of life was "live, love... and let love", and that comes through on this release as it did in life. Hairy Larry gave me a CD of this and it is one of my favorite discs of all time by far. Highly recommended indeed!

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