Delta Pickins Reviews Jimmy Dawkins - ME MY GITAR AND THE BLUES

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Jimmy Dawkins - ME, MY GITAR AND THE BLUES - Ichiban 24909

Coming straight out of the West-Side of Chicago with a vengeance, Jimmy "Fast Fingers" Dawkins has released a really powerful statement punctuated with the stinging guitar licks he has been honing since the `50's. Dawkins gets off to a good start with a delta-style tune and then he really starts to get down to business. Strong vocals and a tight band propel the guitar-slinger as he takes us back home for vittles to let you know where he came from. The school that spawned this powerhouse was getting to play with Magic Sam, Otis Rush, Buddy Guy and Luther Allison in the best environment there was up North in the `50's and `60's, the clubs of Chicago.

Recorded in Georgia, this disc has all the elements that are needed to brew up some strong blues, no matter where you are. This direct link to the delta soul of his mentors is best understood when you hear the title track. It sums up the feeling of the whole artist and his ability to transport the listener into his groove, which is guitar oriented, but his vocals are gutsy and intimate. You could not find a better example of this style without going to the source and drawing a little from the well yourself.

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