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Peter Green - THE ROBERT JOHNSON SONGBOOK - Artisan Recordings 100022

Quite content to live out the rest of his life as Peter Greenbaum, the man we have all come to know and love as Peter Green just got what it took to pick up his axe and pour out some heartfelt emotions. The instigator of this wonderful event is Nigel Watson. It all started in Nigel's kitchen and took a few small twists of fate, but the results are awe inpsiring!

Man, if you thought you knew what Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac and John Mayall's BluesBreakers fame was going to come up with, you would most certainly have been wrong! Just the title should give away Peter's secret about how all these songs do personally relate to us all, and his interpretations of them demonstrate that deeply. Here is a quote of Peter's taken from the liner notes of the CD:

"I first liked 'Dead Shrimp Blues' because it was played in B and then it went to the E and use of that key...it's really old stuff...like he was the origin of electric music...Robert Johnson, I suppose. And he was the origin of jazz...the original, original jazz musician, where jazz meets blues. That's what 'Hot Tamales' is." - Peter Green 3/98

This disc is one of those tributes that gives tributes a good name for a change, not just an attempt to cash in or just to get yourself noticed. If you want to feel deep emotions and authentic instrumentalists, buy this now! "Walkin' Blues", "Love In Vain", "Ramblin' On My Mind", "Me And The Devil Blues", "I Believe I'll Dust My Broom", Sweet Home Chicago". You will have to hear it to believe just how good this is.

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