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Kenny Wayne Shepherd - TROUBLE IS... - Revolution 24689

Kenny is from Shreveport, LA and is inevitably compared to Stevie Ray Vaughan by most people, but he has a sound all his own. A sound that fills this disc with tight, blues-rock guitar. He's doing the one thing that is necessary for a young bluesman and that is keeping people aware of his roots. By the time he swings into the Jimi Hendrix classic, "I Don't Live Today", you are gonna keep listening. You will also hear hints of Buddy Guy and several other influences while you are there.

B.B. King has called Kenny Wayne "A pure talent". Luckily, that has not gone to his head. Although some folks have called Kenny's playing repetitious, they just need to listen to him again. Each song has a personal stamp that is unique and his emotions are clearly there. He and Jonny Lang are two sides of the same coin.

Kenny Wayne recently played a huge benefit concert at the A.S.U. Convocation Center in Jonesboro, for about 6000 people and he donated the proceeds to the scholarship fund set up in memory of Mrs. Shannon Wright. That alone is reason enough to make you take notice of this young bluesman. He is standing tall in a large crowd of players that are trying their best to keep the blues alive and well in the music business, which has for some time been dominated by more business than music.

Noah Hunt is the lead vocalist in the group and he is doing a great job while Kenny hones his chops on backup vocals. Robby Emerson on bass and Sam Bryant on drums round out this small, but tight combo. The Blues can always use a new face and this guy is here to stay.

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