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Delta Boogie
How To and DIY
by Hairy Larry
Saving Fostex VF160 sessions
It can be confusing and it took some research. Here's what worked for me.
How To Record Acoustic Guitar Cheap
Go to Ebay and buy a Realistic Stereo Microphone 33-919A.
Mixing And Mastering
What mastering is and how I do it.
How To Build A Headphone Splitter
Overdub harmony vocals and save bucks.
How To Record Stereo Guitar
This three mic technique let's you dial in your separation.
How To Make A Jecklin Disc
Great stereo recording technique.
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CDs, DVDs, Books, Downloads
For My Dad
16 acoustic guitar instrumentals by Hairy Larry
Download Hairy Larry and Rhode Island Red Live at Bunky's Breakfast
Recorded at King Biscuit. Helena Arkansas. October, 2006.
Download For My Dad
Acoustic guitar instrumentals. Hairy Larry originals. How Great Thou Art.
Download The Gift
Hairy Larry plays the most popular songs of all time.
Download Arkansas Blues Caravan
Great music recorded May 20, 2007 at the Craighead Forest Bandshell.
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Tips And Tricks
Adobe Premiere Pro and A/B Roll Editing
Premiere Pro is what I use for the SongPods
Seven Formats For Seven Songs In Seven Days
Hairy Larry reviews internet video codecs
Two mics out of phase - Tips and Tricks
I was shooting a video and testing a new used mic.
My Wharfedales
First impression.
TV Soup Videos
From back in the day.
Harp Mic Shootout
I try out several harp mics.
An easy two mic vocal technique
Two mics, one voice.
Dynamic Omnis And Some Hints And Tips
I suffer from loo. Love of omnis.
Mic shootout - MXL 603 vs MXL 770
Comparing these two inexpensive mics.
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