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Hindenberg! Das Explosive New Musical

This new and original spoof musical contains all the mayhem and intrigue you would come to expect from the era of the 30s. The passenger list includes a scientist; an on-the-lam gangster and his moll; a good ol' country boy; a glamourous movie star; an eight year old child prodigy; and of course, evil Nazis!

Filled with melodrama and plot twists and turns reminiscent of the serial films of the 30s, Hindenberg! Das Explosive New Musical promises to be an evening of laughter and music. The music includes original songs with titles like the foot tappin "Hindenbert Hoedown", "Rotton Luck" and "There Ain't No Pleasin'".

Hindenberg was written by local talents Keith Salter (story, music and lyrics); Mark Landon Smith (story and book); and Billy Madison (music and orchestrations). It also features a number of local favorite performers including:

Bob Bidewell                                                                                        
Nancy Owens                                                                                         
Cynthia Long                                                                                        
Mark Landon Smith                                                                                   
Larry Wiles                                                                                         
Becky McNeil                                                                                        
Jarred Gann                                                                                         
Mark Walkley                                                                                        
Grant Foreman                                                                                       
Jenifer Rogers                                                                                      
Neely Causey-Eck                                                                                    
Amy Haan                                                                                            
Ben Mattews                                                                                         
Lisa Parks                                                                                          
Kyle Massey                                                                                         
Holland Taylor                                                                                      

The production is directed by directed by Keith Salter

Tickets for Hindenberg are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for students. call The Foundation of Arts box office, 879-935-2726 for reservations or tickets may be purchased at The Forum, 115 East Monroe. Tickets will also be available at the door.

Proceeds from Hindenberg will go toward the 1998 Foundation of Arts Fund Drive and the many progams supported by The Foundation of Arts

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