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Protest Music

Here's a link to the Protest Music Group at DailyKos.com.

Protest Music

This group is open to participation. Click on over to join the conversation or to post your own articles about Protest Music. If you've written and protest songs let me know.

Here's a link to the RSS feed displayed below>

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Hairy Larry

Protest Music

Protest and topical music including comedy. We're interested in the history of protest music, for instance labor songs, civil rights songs, anti war songs. We also feature contemporary protest music and we particularly want to hear your protest songs.

This is an open group. Please join and post your diaries. If you want to help manage the group message me and I'll make you a BlogEditor.

Of course Protest Music is on topic. But it doesn't have to be both. Protest or Music. Protest is on topic. Music is on topic.

 The Sound of Marriage Equality

Whatever you thought of the live 'Sound of Music' starring Carrie Underwood, it was still commendable for a number of reasons, including exposing country fans to musical theatre, and showing people who'd only seen the movie the numbers & scenes that were cut from it. (Not that Julie Andrews wasn't adorable, but in the movie the Captain dumps Baroness Schraeder just because of one dance with his employee, which is sort of creepy.  In the actual musical, Schraeder turns out to be a Nazi appeaser, and possibly a sympathizer, which is a slightly better reason . . .)  
I was reminded of this song by Louie Gohmert (and a few other wingnuts) remarking that the spreading tide of marriage equality was just like the spread of Naziism . . .

 Jazz: Big Bands

The Big Band. The American Jazz Orchestra.

5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, Piano/bass/drums/guitar. Maybe one of the ‘bones is a bass trombone. Maybe a trumpet player plays flugelhorn. Maybe someone plays french horn. Obviously 2 alto, 2 tenor and 1 bari sax…but maybe guys double on clarinet or flute or soprano sax or even bass clarinet. In some cases, the bass player might double on tuba. Though more often he’s going to switch between acoustic or electric bass when needed….stand-up or the fender.

I think this sort of ensemble is the most neglected but embedded formats for music in the 21st century. It’s as silly to dismiss as it would be to say the rock and roll power trio of guitar/bass/drums is a dead format. It’s only a format, an orchestrational and arrangement approach. A collection of instruments is not music. But the format is an object of projection to a variety of groups. Many of the racial and political complexities of Jazz intersect within the format of the big band.

I’m doing a gig tomorrow (Monday) night with a local big band and I thought it would worthwhile to spend a few days checking out various big bands to hone my big band concept befor the gig. I think I may have stumbled into something far more complex.

 Meet the next Prime Minister of Canada: Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau grew up on 24 Sussex Drive Ottawa (our White House). His Father was Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada from 1968-1979. Like his father, Justin is running under the Liberal Party flag. He supports legalization of maryjane, is anti war and pro-choice including assisted suicide (with regulations). He is young, currently 42. He recently released his first autobiography titled Common Ground.

Last night he launched his campaign for Prime Minister in 2015 with an hour long interview on the Canadian CTV show W5 (who what when where why).

Sadly I cannot find a way to embed this video but here is the link to the interview: http://www.ctvnews.ca/...

If you want to hear his version of his life, watch the interview and read his autobiography.

 Netroots Radio Presents: "The Hideous Truth of How Things Run"

Justice Putnam Self-Portrait / copyright Justice Putnam

The Justice Department is on Netroots Radio.com Sundays 8pm to 9pm Pacific and Mondays 9pm to Midnight Pacific. Powered by Unity Radio Net!

I'm Special Agent DJ Justice; Radio Host and Program Director for Netroots Radio.com; and I'm manning the dials, spinning the discs, warbling the woofers, putting a slip in your hip and a trip to your hop.

The playlist for Sunday 19 Oct 14 8pm to 9pm Pacific Edition of The Justice Department: Musique sans Frontieres

 ~~ "The Hideous Truth of How Things Run" ~~

1 - John Lee Hooker -- "I Cover The Waterfront"
2 - John Hammond -- "2:19"
3 - Charles Caldwell -- "Remember Me"
4 - Woody Guthrie -- "Vigilante Man"
5 - Chris Whitley -- "Spanish Harlem Incident"
6 - Tin Hat Trio -- "Fear of the South"
7 - Lhasa de Sela -- "Anywhere on This Road"

Station Break

8 - Milladoiro -- "Alala das Marianas"
9 - Burhan Ocal and The Trakya Allstars -- "Melike"
10 - Mari Boine -- "Vuoi Vuoi Mu"
11 - Vinicius Cantuaria and Bill Frisell - "Aquela Mulher"
12 - Maria De Barros -- "Cabinda A Cunene"
13 - Manuel Galban -- "Drume Negrita"

Who luvs ya, baby?


 "I'm Not A Scientist" song

 Ode to the Homeless Veteran - poetry

Ode to the Homeless Veteran

Go Away! I heard him say.
You homeless bum be on your way!
He pushed me and punched me.
He was not at all kind to me.
What ever happened to this land of the free?
Apparently freedom, no longer applies to me.

I have no family who will take me in
They put me off and say I'm living in sin.
They think that I'm disposable,
But I'm a human being just like you.
Such a statement should not be opposable,
But I'm treated like an old worn out shoe.  

People don't usually see me here standing in the rain.  
They never see that I am a human, and that I'm in much pain.
You see I fought for my country when I went to a foreign land,
When I came home there was no fanfare, no band.
I came back only to find no help for me,
My broken body, soul, and mind,
Makes people uncomfortable, they leave me behind.
People see me as a bum, a loafer, and lazy.
They call me an addict, and mentally crazy.

What I am is a human being just like you.
I deserve to be treated with dignity too.
Although I'm broke and broken, don't judge me so severe,
For one day, if circumstances dictate, you also could be here.
Be kind to all  people you come across in life,
No matter who they may be, we all experience strife.

Everyone deserves a home to call their own.
Everyone deserves to be cared for, and kindness shown.
Will you be the one to help make an opportunity for me to feel loved?
Or will you continue on your way, not caring, and giving me a shove.
Humanity needs a reset and to let greed, and ego go.
People need to become humane to each other, and allow humanity to grow.

~ Linda Meyer

 Boosted by your donations, campaign to get out the Indian vote in South Dakota showing good results
Dustina Gill knocking on doors in Standing Rock rez
Dustina Gill has been spending the past five days knocking on doors to get out the Indian vote in South Dakota. Here she is on the Standing Rock rez, once home to the Hunkpapa Lakota leader Sitting Bull.
At the time I finished writing this, more than 8,200 members of the Daily Kos community had raised more than $98,000 to support the effort to get out the American Indian vote in South Dakota. That's a spectacular effort in just a few days with the potential for giving progressive Democrat Rick Weiland the margin of votes he needs to win the U.S. Senate seat of retiring Sen. Tim Johnson. It also could bring out enough voters to elect several Indian and other progressive candidates for down-ticket races and put the name Ogala Lakota County onto what is now Shannon County, named for a guy instrumental in separating Indians from their land in the late 19th Century.

Goal ThermometerThe money being raised goes directly to the Great Plains Get Out the Native Vote project focused on the state's nine Indian reservations. South Dakota's registration deadline is Monday, Oct. 20. Voters can cast ballots the same day they register. So the first step obviously is to do the hard work of getting as many people registered as possible and taking advantage of early voting at satellite offices.

To that end, state Rep. Kevin Killer, an Oglala-Kiowa who lives on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Dustina Gill, a Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate who lives on the Lake Traverse Reservation, and Chase Iron Eyes, a Lakota who lives on the Standing Rock Reservation, have organized a six-day GOTV tour of all nine reservations as well as other activities across the state. Gill and her brother Joshua have been making that long, slow trek from one reservation to another, driving the mini-bus nicknamed the "war pony."

On Wednesday, day three of the Rez Tour, Gill reports, the activists visited elders at Standing Rock who are staunch voters and 18- and 19-year-olds who are getting ready to vote for the first time. They also spoke with one family that includes several veterans who served for 10 years in the military but never previously registered to vote. And they spoke with staff at Indian Country Today about the news outlet's concerns over who from South Dakota running in this election will represent Indians best in Washington. The consensus was that Weiland is the right guy to do that. As they drove across the sprawling reservation, Gill says:

Having bald eagles fly with us and coyotes run with us as we drove down the long windy roads was something else. Sitting at woodpiles that took months to stockpile to prepare for the cold winter months and listen to ehanna [old-time] stories are forever etched in memory. I left Standing Rock feeling honored to have shared time with Sitting Bull's people who are part of the [Lakota confederacy known as] Oceti Sakowin— [the seven council fires].
Next, it was on to Pine Ridge, home of the Oglala, Crazy Horse's people, a 230-mile drive over what are far from the nation's best roads.

Pine Ridge is 3.2 million acres encompassing 22 communities and a potential of 13,000 voters, but only one satellite voting center. Earlier in the week, Rep. Killer said some 120 people had registered and voted, so many that the satellite office ran out of ballots.

Dustina Gill, the Thompson family of Standing Rock & Chase Iron Eyes
Dustina Gill, (left) the Thompson family of Standing Rock and Chase Iron Eyes,
Contribute so American Indian voices can be heard in South Dakota!

Voting by mail is convenient, easy, and defeats the best of the GOP's voter suppression efforts. Sign up here to check eligibility and vote by mail, then get your friends, family, and coworkers to sign up as well.
Read below the orange fluffy frybread for more about this crucial project..
 Good to Start Early: Scouting out the Kos Katalogue, Pre-Holiday Rush

I've recently moved into a new house. Lately, I've started to unpack my treasured objects from creative, talented Kossacks--all obtained via the Kos Katalogue. Let me give you a short, personal tour of just a few of the ones I use the most.

One of the first items I'll hang on my living room wall (soon, I promise) will be my gorgeous painting by asterkitty, Azalea #1. Isn't it beautiful?

Azalea #1
Please take a look at asterkitty's website for other wonderful creations of hers. She is very flexible and accommodating, and is always delighted to see her work in a happy home.

A box I just opened today has almost all my Fineena scarves in it. (All except the blue one that I was wearing for events pre- and post-move. ;) It is delightful to greet these beautiful adornments again, now that I have made them room, more or less. Besides, when is it a better time to wear orange? Then again, when it gets colder, I'll be wearing one or the other of the woollen cowls of hers, particularly the blue and silver one that my husband commissioned as a gift (hint, hint--to anyone who has a special someone to surprise).

I'm in the middle, between sydneyluv and ICanDoThis, wearing one of my favorites--in orange, of course.
For a while, I couldn't locate the box in which I had oh-so-carefully packed my jewelry. I persisted, however, and now my anxiety is allayed since I can put my hands on my lovely earrings from edrie, my elegant necklaces from Lorinda Pike, and my magnificent necklace from Wings: Hands on Silver, my WhiteHawk (designed by Aji). My husband has been enjoying his great belts from Rocky River Leather Company, run by Kossack meagert. (In fact, he liked the first one I gave him so much he requested a second.) I am sure I am missing some from this list, however, so my apologies in advance for any unintended slight.
Photo of WhiteHawk from Wings' gallery; posted in diary by Aji on 11/25/11
The most distinctive piece of jewelry I own, WhiteHawk by Wings--a Secret Santa gift from several years ago.
As Avilyn mentioned in her diary yesterday, the Secret Santa tradition is a sweet way for us to recognize Kossacks we care about. A nomination is made for a particular item through one of the Kos Katalogue participants. (The request/suggestion can be made by the intended recipient or by someone else on their behalf; the one making the nomination may remain anonymous.) Then the item is posted in subsequent Kos Katalogue diaries, so that donations for the gift can be solicited from the community at large. Eventually, the intended recipient comes into possession of it--and let me link to remembrance's thank you diary from early this year to show you one example of just how meaningful these gifts are. It's a win-win: a wonderful surprise for the recipient, and a boost to the Kossack who created it.

Please join me after the jump for more promotion of the Kos Katalogue vendors.

 Netroots Radio Presents The After Show with Wink & Justice: "Red Sky at Morning Tuesdays"

"Red Sky at Morning Tuesdays" on The After Show means only one thing, it's Tuesday. You've been warned.

Americans face post-foreclosure hell as wages are garnished and assets seized; California’s bounce-back economy has generated an unexpected half billion dollars more in tax revenue; and Internet caretaker, ICANN, prepares to move out from under U.S. oversight.

On The Last Half today, we revisit my recent chat with AmericaBlog Contributing Editor, Gaius Publius, discussing the Media Fail on the Climate Marches, we then dissected the modern Foundation and its rise to power.

All that, plus the Connect! Unite! Act! Daily Kos Community Calendar and more on The After Show with Wink & Justice.

Player and other info below the Orange Flourish.

Justice Putnam Self-Portrait / copyright Justice Putnam

The After Show with Wink and Justice broadcasts 8am to 9am Pacific on Metaphor Mondays, Red Sky at Morning Tuesdays, Wednesday's Child is Full of Whoa! Wednesdays, Thank God It's Giovedì (that's what we call it) and Angle of Repose Fridays

Who luvs ya, baby!?


 Netroots Radio Presents: "The Hand That Whirls The Water"

Justice Putnam Self-Portrait / copyright Justice Putnam

The Justice Department is on Netroots Radio.com Sundays 8pm to 9pm Pacific and Mondays 9pm to Midnight Pacific. Powered by Unity Radio Net!

I'm Special Agent DJ Justice; Radio Host and Program Director for Netroots Radio.com; and I'm manning the dials, spinning the discs, warbling the woofers, putting a slip in your hip and a trip to your hop.

The playlist for Monday 13 Oct 14 9pm to Midnight Pacific Edition of The Justice Department: Musique sans Frontieres

 ~~ "The Hand That Whirls The Water"  ~~

1 - Dylan Thomas - read by Richard Burton -- "The Force That Through The Green Fuse Drives The Flower"
2 - Buffy Sainte-Marie -- "God is Alive Magic is Afoot"
3 - Savage Republic -- "Andelusia" "
4 - Halfhead Special -- "Shine the Sun"
5 - Yo La Tengo -- "Today Is The Day" "
6 - Boozoo Bayou -- "Nights over Manaus" "

Station Break

7 - Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros -- "Midnight Jam"
8 - Cake -- "Open Book"
9 - Kate Bush -- "And So Is Love"
10 - Jeff Buckley -- "Lover You Should Have Come Over"
11 - Ghostland Observatory -- "Stranger Lover"
12 - The Calm Blue Sea -- "We Will Never Be As Young As We Are Tonight"
13 - Vangelis and Rutger Hauer - "Tears in Rain"

Station Break

14 - The Blue Angel Lounge -- "Corona"
15 - Rodrigo y Gabriela -- "Orion"
16 - Siouxsie and The Banshees -- "Cities In Dust"
17 - The Cranberries -- "Zombie"
18 - Midnight Oil -- "Beds Are Burning" "
19 - Aqua Velvets -- "Guitar Noir"

Station Break

20 - Mount Madonna Choir -- "O Magnum Mysterium"
21 - Jacques Brel -- "Marieke"
22 - Francis Cabrel --  "La Corrida"
23 -   Mc Solaar -- "Nouveau Western"
24 - Serge Gainsbourg -- "Bonnie and Clyde"
25 - Explosions In The Sky -- "Your Hand In Mine"

Station Break

26 - Nouvelle Vague -- "Making Plans for Nigel"
27 - Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks -- "I Scare Myself"
28 - Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band -- "I'm Glad"
29 - Andreas Scholl -- "I am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger"
30 - Brian Eno -- "Baby's On Fire"
31 - Ulrich Schnauss -- "A Million Miles Away"

Station Break

32 - Crooked Still -- "Undone In Sorrow"
33 - Gillian Welch -- "Annabelle"
34 - Iron and Wine -- "Resurrection Fern"
35 - The Horseflies -- "The Drunkard's Lone Child"
36- Ralph Stanley and Keith Whitley -- "Another Song Another Drink"
37 - Nina Simone -- "Rags and Old Iron"
38 - Vangelis -- "Ask The Mountains"

Who luvs ya, baby?


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