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Sonny Burgess and The Legendary Pacers at Bluesday Tuesday on December 13, 2011


Sonny Burgess

KASU Bluesday Tuesday closed 2011 with a great show by Sonny Burgess and The Legendary Pacers. These guys invented Rock and Roll and recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis in the fifties. Since then they have been rocking around the world touring overseas every year.

Sonny Burgess - guitar and vocals

Jim Aldridge - sax, harmonica, and vocals

Kern Kennedy - piano

Fred Douglas - bass and vocals

Bobby Crafford - drums and vocals

What a band. What a night. The Newport Country Club was a hopping and a bopping. On the last song I looked across the room and nobody was sitting down. Everyone was out on the dance floor.

Photos by Larry Heyl


Fred, Sonny, and Jim


Kern Kennedy


Fred Douglas and Sonny Burgess


Jim Aldridge on sax


Sonny Burgess at the mic


Bobby Crafford


Jim Aldridge blues harp


72-Sonny Burgess-Please use this button to link here

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