VT's Blues
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VT's Blues
A Collection of Views and Reviews
(c)1999 by VT (Vincent Tseng)

VT is a regular contributor to the BluesL listserv and his reviews are insightful and well written. As a Blues photographer he ain't half bad either.

Vincent often writes about the Blues performances he has recently attended and these will be served up for you here as well. Want to know how the music sounds live VT will let you know.

From time to time there will be photos of performances available. His photography is outstanding and he captures the moment in each picture.

Please remember that this material is copyrighted and can not be used without permission of the author/photographer.

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VT's Blues

Clarence Spady Band - LIVE at Grico's River Street Jazz Cafe
Laura Love At The 2nd Harvest Fest
Professor Longhair - Crawfish Fiesta
Col. Bruce Hampton with Dennis Palmer
Robert Lockwood - Just The Blues

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