The Winning Pitch - June, 1999

Recently I heard another story of a coaching staff at a junior college being abandoned by their administration. My investigation revealed a story where players were warned about drinking and getting into trouble with the law in the beginning of the year. When it occurred for a second time several players were dismissed from the team. A meeting was held with all concerned and the players accepted their consequences. This is the law, isn't it? Most were under age.

Then the ugly demon raised his head. A fire breathing parent mixed his particular form of insanity with irresponsible administrators and the solution to the problem was attempted castration of a baseball coach and his staff. As long as psychiatrists can promulgate, not guilty by reason of insanity defenses on the American public, this situation will continue to vomit itself into coaching.

The same group of scum that has aberrated the Constitution to the point that the youth of America are being taught the lie that the Founding Fathers wanted to outlaw God from schools, are pushing a virus on our complacency. They convinced many people through the use of a tightly controlled media that sex in the workplace is okay as long as your name is Clinton, and old white men only do the devils work.

Take a look at the kind of decision makers that run the schools of America. Too many administrators grew up in a culture that was told only evil people succeed at anything. All business owners make profits because they take advantage of poor people. Am I the only one that noticed these new programs that were created in the ashes of the 1960's came straight from Marx? Every organization that winds up controlled by unions can only succeed by intimidation. Their service is longer considered valuable by most people. They have become exactly what they were created to fight.

In today's news, gun control has become a popular subject. The dope smoking non-inhaler is championing causes that were made popular by Hitler and Lenin. The scam is complete because history is no longer taught to the American public. Outcome based education, death education classes and school psychiatrist prescribed doping of pupils is the normal order of the day.

So, why are we surprised when we hear of another coward in charge? I feel for the coach who did the right thing. But, if he wants to huddle in the foxhole with known cowards he needs to understand the rules of the game. The game is rigged so the good guys will eventually give up. It takes too much courage to stand up to the true evil that haunts us everyday. Or does it?

What is the reward that you expect when you volunteer to teach young men in a world dominated by cowards whose only laugh in life is the emasculation of the father figure? Oh sure, men have become willing participants in the sex, drugs and rock and roll culture. We have bought into the "if it feels good it must be okay," marketing program of the suppressive forces on this planet. As long as a man's primal urges are his guiding force he can be suckered into the trap.

I suggest that all coaches recognize that they are not chained to this string of events. Step back from the moment and inspect the "why" of your coaching career. If it is about you, you will be a failure in the long run. Your only chance of succeeding is if it is about the young men. This doesnt mean you should follow the psycho-babble of the drug culture. Mentoring as well as parenting is about course correction. It is about the consequences of one's choices. If you cant stomach the work involved in tough love, quit before you commit suicide.

Once you look at the world you have chosen to work in ,you can easily see that the only path to success lies in your recognizing that you are a spiritual being acting out a human existence. The evil forces on this planet can not harm your soul without your agreement. They actually think they are a human being, first and foremost. That makes them fodder for your cannons.

Their games are simple and designed to work within the limits of human existence. If you think outside the box you can overcome their insanity. Force them to confront themselves and you will win in the long run. It is war, and there will be casualties. One of them may be you. But it is an honorable fight.

What do all my mystical manifestations mean in todays world? First recognize that you volunteered and that yours is an honorable profession. Second, know that if you surrender the future of your squad is at stake. Third, remember that IF IT IS NOT IN WRITING IT DOESNT EXIST.

In my book, Baseball Coaches Survival Guide, I detailed how to handle this kind of situation. Turn to page 7 and follow the instructions. The communications form and the performance contract will put nails in the coffin of all cowards involved. The performance contract was created by a group of high school players. We established a list of behaviors that they all agreed they have 100% control over at all times. The list is as follows;

 1. Be on time for all classes.
 2. Keep his overall GPA above 2.0.
 3. Keep his grade in very individual class at or above a C.
 4. Be on time for practice.
 5. Cooperate with teammates, coaches and umpires.
 6. Comply with instructions from all coaches and teachers IMMEDIATELY.
 7. Adhere to school policies, including those that relate to alcohol,
    tobacco, or drug use.
 8. Follow team policies

Any infraction may be grounds for dismissal from the team by the coach. No appeal of the coachs decision is allowed.

A copy of each form was signed by the player, his parents and the Athletic Director. END OF STORY.

Not so easy. Some half wit will hire the ACLU, get the liberal media to vilify your program, and Dan Rather to investigate you.

The result will be that your school President may intervene and force you to take the JERK back on the team. So what, you make out the line up and the season is short. He wont play much and he wont be back next year. Talk about the subject openly in front of all your players. Let the dissenter know he can't be trusted because he broke his word.

The best part of the story is that your program will get national recognition as one of integrity. Pray that every few years someone publicizes your virtue. In the long run you will attract honorable people and the scum will go elsewhere and complain about you.

When I spoke to one of the assistant coaches he made a statement that I told him I was going to plagiarize and use every chance I could. He said, "I guess the administration at Porterville College has changed the rules of baseball. The three strikes and you're out rule doesn't apply in this league. Now it's no balls and you get a free base."

Coach, remember that you are there for the good guys. It won't be easy, but if you build a program based on ethics, the scum will stop coming. They cant take the chance they will have to confront their own behavior in front of their peers. This includes the administrators.

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