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Andy Cohen Live! - February 4, 2015


Andy Cohen on Dolceola

Andy Cohen Live!

By Robert B. Rubenstein

As it is said, “And a great time was had by all.”

This is certainly true for the evening of February 4 when a group of congregants and guests were entertained by Mr. Andy Cohen, singer, guitarist, and music historian, currently living in Memphis, Tennessee.

What a special evening of great food, fun and entertainment with Pastor Joe Kaiser, Larry “Hairy Larry” and Vivian Heyl, and the Ignite Praise Band. Ignite is Wednesday night contemporary worship at the Brookland United Methodist Church.

From Andy’s Bio:

“Andy grew up in a house with a piano and a lot of Dixieland Jazz records amplified after a while by a cornet that his dad got him. At about fifteen, he got bitten by the Folk Music bug, and soon got to hear records by Big Bill Broonzy and the Jim Kewskin Jug Band, both of which reminded him of the music he grew up to. At sixteen, he saw Rev. Gary Davis, and his course was set. He knew he had it in him to follow, study, perform and promote the music of America's southeast quadrant.”

Andy provided tunes which included blues, gospel, classic rags, and boogies including "Backwater Blues" by Bessie Smith, "Samson and Delilah" by Rev. Gary Davis and a hauntingly moving West Virginia inspired rendition of “Amazing Grace".

The evening was capped off by hymns and a little boogie woogie played on an old musical instrument called a Dolceola. (An instrument that to my ears sounds like a combination of a harpsichord, mandolin, piano and guitar.) It's an amazing instrument made in 1905.

Andy Cohen is an incredible musician and a very genuine individual. The audience loved his music.

Photos by Megan Heyl and Dallas Whittaker.


Andy Cohen Playing


Andy, Anicca and Paige


Andy Cohen Singing


Audience Clapping


Andy Cohen