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Mothers Day Music at the Craighead Forest Bandshell - May 13, 2018


Spencer Rawlins

Mothers Day Music
Craighead Forest Bandshell
Jonesboro, Arkansas
May 13, 2018

The weekend after finals ASU students and area educators presented an afternoon of jazz and blues at the Craighead Forest Bandshell.

The schedule was:

2:00 pm
Jazz Recital Band
2:30 pm
Lady Day and The Prez
3:00 pm
Delta Legends
4:00 pm
Bebop Beatniks

The Jazz Recital Band included Mr. Joseph Curtis, band director at Hoxie and a great jazz trumpeter. Thanks to Joseph for sitting in when our brass players were out of town.

Lady Day and The Prez featured Whitley Newman singing Billie Holiday songs and Tyler Remagen playing the Lester Young parts.

Mr. John B. Shepherd and Hairy Larry are Delta Legends

Thanks to Spencer Rawlins for sitting in with Bebop Beatniks as our bass player was out of town. Spencer also played with the Jazz Recital Band and Lady Day and The Prez.

The Jazz Recital Band rehearsed every Friday at 1:00 pm in the ASU Bandroom. This is a student group performing student compositions and standards. It's not a class. The musicians in the Jazz Recital Band take time out of their week every Friday because they love to play. This was our second recital this term. We also played at the Brookland United Methodist Church in February.

Follow these links for free download and streaming of all the music by all the bands, the set lists, and the personnel.

Jazz Recital Band

Lady Day and The Prez

Delta Legends

Bebop Beatniks

It was a great day for music at the Craighead Forest Bandshell

Photo Credits - Vivan Heyl


Whitley Singing


John Shepherd


Jazz Recital Band


Alex Washam and Emily Lindley


Hairy Larry on Piano


Joseph Curtis


Lady Day and The Prez


John and Larry






Tyler and Sid


Delta Legends




Alex Washam on drums


Hairy Larry


Tyler Remagen Sid Davis Emily Lindley


Emily and Spencer


Spencer Rawlins


Jazz Recital Band CD Art


Lady Day and The Prez CD Art


Delta Legends CD Art


Bebop Beatniks CD Art


Joseph - Please use these buttons to link to this page


Tyler and Sid


Whitley Singing