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RL Burnside

Birthdate - November 23, 1926
Birthplace - Oxford, Mississippi
Current Residence - Holly Springs, Mississippi

RL Burnside is a gifted musician, songwriter, and storyteller from Northwestern Mississippi. For some he is at his best with just his guitar and a mic, talking and playing, and giving the audience a real taste of old time blues. For other's it's the consumate guitarist, that delivers hot electric blues with in an unabashed free for all style that is RL Burnside's signature.

He began playing music at age 16 learning his licks from such Delta Blues men, as Mississippi Fred McDowell and Muddy Waters. Burnside started out on the harmonica but soon switched to the guitar. He says, "I just couldn't get the hang of it". Passing on his skills has been part of the process and he in turn has mentored his share of blues men including grandson Cedric and Delta Blues performer Kenny Brown.

For many years blues fans could travel to Holly Springs and visit Junior Kimbrough's club and see RL along with Junior and their combined offspring playing the blues. Burnside didn't begin to record until the late 60's when he was recorded for an Arhoolie anthology, "Mississippi Delta Blues, Vol 2". Since then he has recorded 5 CD's for Fat Possum including A Ass Pocket O' Whiskey backed by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

For a chance to hear an RL recording check out this site on Fat Possumn, with an MP3 of RL doing "Shake Em On Down".

Shake Em On Down

Read a terrific interview with RL Burnside done by Ed Mabe. Great photos as well.

RL Burnside Interview by Ed Mabe


Too Bad Jim
Fat Possum Records
Catalog# 80307

Personnel: R.L. Burnside (vocals, guitar); Kenny Brown (guitar); Dwayne
Burnside (bass); Calvin Jackson (drums).
A Ass Pocket O' Whiskey
June, 96
Catalog# 214
Guest(s) Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
A ASS POCKET O' WHISKEY features bluesman Burnside backed by the
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
Mr. Wizard
March, 1997
Epitaph Records
Catalog# 80301

Guest(s) Jon Spencer; Judah Bauer; Russell Simins

Personnel: R.L. Burnside (vocals, guitar); Kenny Brown, Judah Bauer
(guitar); Jon Spencer (guitar, Theremin); Cedric Burnside (drums).
Sound Machine Groove
July, 1997
Hightone Music Group
Catalog# 6501

Personnel includes: R.L. Burnside (vocals, guitar); Joseph Burnside,
Daniel Burnside, Calvin Jackson.
Acoustic Stories
Tuesday, October 14,1997
M.C. Records
Catalog #34

Personnel: R.L. Burnside (vocals, guitar); John Neremberg (harmonica).
Recorded at Microsound Studios, New York, New York in February 1988.
Come On In
August, 1998
Fat Possum Records
Catalog# 80317

Guest(s) Alejandro Rosso

Personnel: R.L. Burnside (vocals, guitar); Kenny Brown (guitar, slide
guitar); Lester Butler (harmonica); Beal Dabbs (organ, clavinette, bass,
programming); Alejandro Rosso (organ); Tom Rothrock (bass, programming);
John Oreshnick (drums, maracas); Calvin Jackson, Joe Ranieri, Joey
Waronker, Joe Rameri, Cedrick Burnside (drums).
Rollin' Tumblin' [Single] May, 1998 Bong Load Catalog# 32

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