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Big Jack Johnson

Birthplace - Lambert, MS
Birthdate - July 30, 1940
Current Residence - Clarksdale, MS

Big Jack Johnson, "The Oilman", or just Jack, whatever you call him it all adds up to one of the best Blues guitarists ever to come out of Clarksdale, Mississippi and that is a long list.

Unlike many Bluesmen, Big Jack stayed in the Delta and continues to make his home in the same place he started out in. Not that he hasn't traveled. Tours have taken him to Japan, Germany, Holland, and many other European countries. He's also in regular demand at the festivals that have sprung up all over the US.

In 1962 Big Jack teamed up with Frank Frost and Sam Carr and formed what most blues fans think of as the perfect Blues trio. They were Frank Frost and the Nighthawks then Little Sam Carr and The Blues Kings, finally in 1978 after a lengthy breakup they became the Jelly Roll Kings to record for Earwig. After recording "Rockin' The Juke Joint Down" the Jelly Roll Kings did sporatic performances while continuing to perform separately as well. They reuinited for the Chicago Blues Festival in 87 and 91. Then after another long hiatus they once again regrouped for another Jelly Roll Kings CD "Off Yonder Wall" on Fat Possum which was released in 1996.

Big Jack Johnson has also enjoyed a sucessful career fronting his own band. Not a mild mannered man Big Jack speaks his mind in song. He sings about the troubles of todays world. Hate, violence, disease, anything that has brought grief to the people he knows and cares about finds its way into his songs. He also sings about hope, living together in peace, and making the world a better place for everyone.

Big Jack has been named "Best Live Performer" in The Living Blues Magazine Critic's Poll and his song "We gotta Stop This Killin" was voted best song of the year. Big Jack spends a lot of time on the road with his band but occasionally during a lull you can catch him at home in one of the jukes around Clarksdale, Mississippi. That's Blues at its best.


The Oil Man
Earwig LPS-4910

Daddy, When is Mama Comin Home?
Earwig CD-4916

We Got To Stop This Killin
MC Records Cat#-33

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