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Chris Jones

Birthdate - June 18, 1975
Birthplace - Pocahontas, Arkansas
Curent Residence - Jonesboro, Arkansas

Chris "Big Red" Jones is a harp player from Jonesboro, Arkansas. He comes from a family of musicians but none of them ever picked up the harp. Chris got his inspiration to try the harp after hearing Little Walter on a Muddy Waters tape he happened onto at good old Wally World. He says "Corny but true! It was listening to Little Walter on that tape that made me want to play. He had that tone and I wanted it." Musical influences include Little Walter and Sonny Boy Williamson II but Chris says he has struggled to develop his own sound. "They have their own sound, I can't copy it so I have to have my own" he says.

Chris played at Blues Fest 2000 and at the Sunday In The Park series at Craighead Forest Park. Keep your ears open for this young upcoming harp player.

editors note - Chris is giving harp lessons for beginners and donating the proceeds to The Bandshell Project at Craighead Forest Park. If you would be interested in lessons please contact Chris by email.

Carl Heyl and Chris Jones
Sunday In The Park

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