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Billy Marquis

Birthdate - March 13, 1953
Birthplace - Greenwood, Mississippi
Current Residence - Indianola, Mississippi

Billy Marquis has spent most of his life playing music, like his father before him, it's a part of his life. His music is genuine, it reflects his Delta heritage, and he plays it with gusto.

Billy cut his teeth on the Blues in Indianola, Mississippi also home to BB King, lest you think this is insignificant it might be pointed out that Billy has been opening BB's own homecoming festival for 25 years.

Where does he play his music? The list is long, and spans just about every major Blues venue in the Delta. From Beale Street to Walnut Street including the prestigious Mississppi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival in Greenville, Mississippi.

His new CD "The Blues and Beyond" is his first release on any media. This can be bought on his own website and at, see links at the bottom of the page. The CD is a mix of originals and time tested material. All the songs whether written by him or not bare his unmistakable stamp of originality. His fans which are legion will attest to his sincere and deep abiding love for his chosen profession; "Bringing the Blues to the world".

Billy Marquis' Web Site

Listen to a Sample Or Order The Blues and Beyond Today!

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