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Leon McEntire

Birthdate - 1-18-57
Birthplace - Jonesboro, Arkansas
Current Residence - Jonesboro, Arkansas

I began playing a Stella acoustic guitar at age 10. I quickly became a fan of both AM and FM radio. (Mainly the Stones, The Beatles and The Yardbirds). I played guitar in my school jazz bands from age 13 to 21. From age 17 on, I was playing the local music scene cause as you all know, you have to pay your dues. After having travelled throughout the United States and Europe as a budding musicologist, I was awarded more chances to teach and play music. I also became the guitar instructor at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR in the continuing education department. Presently, I am a private instructor who teaches music theory and guitar lessons.

The most important difference between the musician and the mere player is quite obviously the quality of one's ear. So the importance of thorough aural training is essential to eventually "getting it". I also teach advanced lessons in styles such as Blues, Blues/Rock, Fusion, Hard Rock and Jazz as I find that by doing so, I can keep myself on a learning curve. Never stop learning, no matter how good you get.

My tastes in music are eclectic to say the least. I have absorbed many different musical styles and try to reflect them in my playing and compositions. I like any musician who plays from the heart, regardless of their musical style. Any musician who makes me pick up my guitar and practice, I highly recommend. Since composers and horn players have influenced my musical style as much as guitarists and vocalists, I have blended those influences that I have gained from that input with my feelings and emotions in an attempt to more clearly present my own version of "good" music.

It is as simple as this. You can mostly benefit from knowing the language of music so as to more easily communicate your musical ideas. By speaking that language you have more control over both the ability to play what you hear and the awareness to share your ideas with others. You just need to learn the rules so you will know when you are bending or breaking them. This makes you even more creative because you have a better perception of which techniques are perceived by most listeners as "normal". Therefore, you can be sure that your music is personal and not just a bunch of cliches. Understanding music theory is the method of improving your awareness of music composition, playing, musicians, composers, styles, techniques, and genres. Basically, it makes you more musically literate.

I like to share my ideas with anyone who is interested. After you have read my Delta Musicians Page check out my Delta Boogie CD review site Delta Pickins and my personal site, Leon's Homepage. Anyone who is interested should contact me to make comments and or recommendations or just talk guitar. I will try to respond as quickly and as accurately as possible regarding anything you may query about regarding music.

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I am currently doing music reviews for Delta Boogie and was recently published in Blues Revue Magazine. Check out my reviews at Delta Pickins.

Log on to Leon's Homepage for more information.

Leon's Gallery

Leon McEntire, 1982

Leon, 1984

Leon circa '82

Left to Right Terry Carroll, Johnny Lunsford, and Leon

The Blues Dudes from Blues Fest 96
Starting at the left
Dan Ferguson, Jonathan, Leon McEntire, and Bruce Page

Delta Musicians

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