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Suzanne Michell

Birth Date: September 14, 1948
Birth Place: Little Rock, Arkansas
Current Residence: Little Rock, Arkansas

Suzanne attended the Arkansas School For the Blind and then took a BA in Music at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and was a voice major at Henderson State College. Suzanne studied voice from the renowned Ann Chotard. She is a founding member of the Arkansas Songwriters Association and is currently active in the Little Rock Folk Club. Suzanne is a member of the Music Teacher National Association. She has been teaching guitar since 1970 and still gives private lessons.

Teaching guitar has led Suzanne to many different experiences from working as an artist in residence at the School for The Blind to teaching guitar at Arkansas Parks. She also taught at the Life Long Learning Series at UALR.

Suzanne Michell has performed at Blues Fest regularly during the past 10 years. For photos of Blues Fest performances click here.

Suzanne's album "A Walk With Love" features original compositions. You can also hear Suzanne on the Something Blue promotional tape Andy Cohen, Suzanne Michell (BA 135).
Visit Don Holt's Photo Gallery of Suzanne Michell.

Suzanne and Her Crazy Hats

Suzanne Michell and Uncle Fred the Dead Head

Suzanne's as crazy as that hat.

Photos by Don Holt
Hairy Larrys
June 21, 1996.

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