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Angie Owens

Birthplace - Newport Arkansas
Birthdate - September 3
Curent Residence - Bono, Arkansas

Music has held Angie's attention since age 13 when she bought her first album, Jimi Hendrix's "Are You Experienced" and she's been hooked on the Blues ever since. A short while later she found Janice and the inspiration for being a performer. It took Angie 7 more years before she got on a stage but after an older sister began performing at a county show in Tuckerman, Arkansas Angie finally said I can do that and did.

Angie Owens at Blues Fest 2002

Realizing that the songs she wanted to sing were not always those that other musicians knew she started learning to play guitar. Once she was able to get a few cords together on the guitar Angie started writing her own material. Writing galvinized Angie into performing as often as she could at as many venues as were open to her. She performed as a walk on at the first Blues Fest held in Jonesboro in 1991.

In October 1992, Angie became a volunteer workshop co-ordinator for The Nashville Songwriters Assocation . Then in September of '96 she formed a band with the Accelelerators. The Accelerators are Mike Slater, Drums; Dan Slater, Bass; Creed Slater, Lead Guitar; Aaron Johnson, Guitar; and John Ollis, Guitar. Both Angie and John write material for the group.

Although Angie's songwriting and performances are important to her and a large part of her life. The most important is her family, husband John and three children. Angie unabashedly considers herself a homemaker and her children come first. She has written many songs for her kids which she performs for them with an acoustic guitar.

When asked about the name Accelerators Angie explained that they were all racing buffs. The Slaters also restore antique autos hence Accelerators, a great band name.

Angie's Gallery

Angie Owens Gallery

Meet the Owens Family
Husband John
Daughter Serena
Son Michael

Angie performing at Sunday In The Park

The fans begin to gather

Angie good naturedly puts up with a photo shoot.

It Was August!

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