Dave Riley

Birthplace - Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Birthdate - March 18, 1949

Dave Riley was born in Hattiesburg Mississippi to Maggie and Willie Riley. He began playing to guitar at the age of 9. He started with Gospel and continued playing it til 1967 when we drafted into the military. While in the military he met Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Howlin Wolf, Jimmy Reed and Wes Montgomery,and started playing the Blues. He gave up his musicial career in 1973 to raise his only child.

The child is grown and he's back to his chosen career. His first CD, "Living On Borrowed Time" is the story of his own personal tragedy. He's broken his neck twice in 10yrs and he says God brought him through it all.

Dave has been hitting the road a lot during 2000. The photos at the top and at the bottom of the page was taken on stage at the King Biscuit Blues Festival held annually in Helena, Arkansas.

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