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Robert "Bilbo" Walker

Birthdate - February 19, 1937
Birthplace - Outside of Clarksdale, MS
Current Residence - CA

Robert Walker is a bluesman, he's a rocker, he sings country, he'll even throw in a bluegrass number just to see what happens. He dresses like Liberace, plays guitar like Chuck Berry and his flamboyant style has made him notorious.

He's spent his time paying his dues. He played the clubs in Chicago, the jooks in Mississippi, and road houses up and down the "Blues Highway". Then he took his music to California and started all over again. He loved California so much that he finally moved there. He never forgets his roots though and every few months he packs up his retinue of friends, family, and musicians and makes the 2000 mile trip from California back to Mississippi.

You always know when Robert Walker has arrived in town because it is guaranteed to be a traffic stopping entrance. Whether its an old grayhound bus he's revamped into a Walker mobile or a truck he's temporarily painted up to show who's on board it's guaranteed to be attention getting and as flamboyant as the man who drives her.

His stage performances are full of energy, he dances, prances, and revs up the audience. Whenever he comes to town the jooks are going to be hopping. So if you are traveling through Bobo, Mississippi some evening and you see a large crowd of people going into Thompson Grocery stop and see if Robert "Bilbo" Walker is in town. Then prepare yourself for some Blues.

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